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What are USSD Code for Smart, TNT and Sun / Globe, TM and Cherry Prepaid

We may not know it but we do use it first every time we check balance or to register load promos. USSD code (abbreviation of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes" but commonly known in the Philippines as "Dial Code". We are not much aware about this, so this post will hope to help you learn more about what is USSD code and the USSD code of each telcos in the Philippines.

According to Wikipedia, it is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile-money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services, and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

USSD Code for Smart, TNT and Sun / Globe, TM and Cherry Prepaid.

We commonly used USSD Code to check load balance, subscribe promo and browse offers after you did load up your prepaid sim. You just need to dial a 3-number attached usually with * (asterisk) at the beginning and # (number sign) at the end. Easy because you don't need to remember or memorize long and too much hustle. Accessing USSD code provides much simpler and easier way to avail your favorite services and offers. You no longer have to memorize a lot of promo keywords and tediously send them in on your phone.

The following are Philippine Telcos/Subsidiary which adopted the USSD code or Dial code: Globe Telecom, TM, Cherry Prepaid, Smart, TNT and Sun. From the latest smartphones to the oldest handset models, access to this service is free of charge and it works in any kind of phone.

Here are the USSD Code or also known as Dial Code for local telcos in the Philippines;
Globe, TM, Cherry Prepaid, Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular

USSD Code *143#
The menu is different for Prepaid and Postpaid. The Dial Code *143# menu is the most convenient way for Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Tattoo and Touch Mobile (TM) subscribers to access their load balance/billing information and avail of downloads, promos, loan and other services.

USSD Code *139#
Cherry Prepaid Dial Code *139# is used to check balance and also to register promos such as CMSURF, CMCHAT, CMTALK, CMUNLI, CMANET and many more.

USSD Code *123#
Dialing Dial Code *123# will show promos and services for each respective network. It is the new and unified USSD code for Smart, TNT and Sun. Users only need to remember to key in Dial Code *123# on their mobile phones to check out TNT, Sun or Smart promo and avail of existing prepaid services that suit their mobile lifestyle.

A menu will show after dialing *123#, of prepaid unlimited, combo and data offers will appear on mobile screen. Just press the corresponding number for each item to enjoy preferred services. It is an easy access menu that allows subscribers to browse through latest offers and after-sales transactions. No need to memorize keywords, promo names or access codes.

Alternative USSD Code of Smart and TNT users is *121# and for Sun Cellular users is *247#. Available to both Prepaid and Postpaid.

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