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How To Claim Free Hero In Mobile Legends Using Your Load Credit

Getting excited always to play Mobile Legends (ML)? Tired of having less heroes or not having the hero that you want? Well, there are three heroes that will be selectable when you do the steps below, just keep on reading.

Playing Mobile Legends is really fun, specially if you are in a goal to compete in Ranked Game mode. You have a lot of playmates and maybe your colleagues I assumed. Fast queuing due to ML was really very popular MOBA game until now. A big competitor against LOL Mobile (coming out next year).

This is available to Globe, TM and Smart, Sun, TNT users. Any will do, please proceed to perform the steps.

You need ₱10 worth of load credit. Load up to a retailer store if you don't have or enough credit. If you don't know how, read here how to load up Smart or TNT prepaid sim.

  1. Open ML App
  2. Get your User ID - (ML unique id) Copy or memorize it.
  3. Close ML App
  4. Open your browser
  5. Visit site.
  6. Input / Enter user ID (ML unique id)
  7. Select Recharge - just choose 11 diamonds
  8. Select payment - choose your telco provider (i.e. Globe or Smart.)
  9. Input your Email - (ex:
  10. Click BUY NOW
  11. Click Confirm and go to payment
  12. make sure your mobile number is correct and then Click Continue
  13. Wait for the SMS confirmation code
  14. Enter confirmation code and click confirm. (a SMS confirmation payment will receive)
  15. Reopen your ML App - you will see 11 diamonds. (this is free and you don't need to spend diamonds)
  16. Recharge activated can choose from 3 heroes, Freya, Hanabi or Valir.
  17. then tap Claim.
  18. You will also going to have extra reward tap Okay
  19. Try your hero
  20. Congratulations! you have a new free ML hero.

NOTE: If your just seriously playing and welling to spend 10 pesos, you may do and proceed to this tutorial.

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